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Beatles - Beatles Medley, аккорды

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  • 30 нояб. 1999
Beatles Medley

F	     Em7          A7		          Dm       Dm7
Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away,
Bb        C7				F
Now it looks as though they are here to stay
C Dm7       G7 Bb
Oh I believe in yesterday.
G		   D						   G			     G		        D
We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, we all live in a yellow
Submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.
F                                  C              C7                            F        Bb                
Hey Jude don?t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better, remember to let her into your heart,
		  C7                   F
Then you can start to make it better.
       F                        C                    C7                         F               Bb
Hey Jude, don?t be afraid, you were made to go out and get her, the minute you let her under your
F	                C7                    F
skin Then you?ll begin to make it better.
	      C	      F           C                       Bb                 C
Its been a hard days night and I have been working like a dog
	                F          C                        Bb          C
Its been a hard days night I should be sleeping like a log
               F                                         G7                                              C 
F7  C
But when I get home to you, I find the things that you do, will make me feel al-right

Any complaints email dardeadly@hotmail.com or if you want to praise me?. Enjoy this tab
Tom Lord

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