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Beatles - Glass Onion (crd), аккорды

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  • 30 нояб. 1999
 Am                  F7
    I told you `bout Strawberry fields,
 Am                          F7
    you know the place where nothing is real
 Am                     Gm7
    Well here`s another place you can go   -  wo
 C7         Gm7
      Where everything flow   - ows
 C7      F7                             D7
      Looking through the bent backed tulips      To
 F7                           D7          F7                       G7
 see how the other half lives         Looking through a glass onion
 I told you `bout the Walrus and me man
 You know that we`re as close as can be man
 Well here`s another clue for you all
 The Walrus was Paul
 Standing on a cast iron whore yeah
 Lady Madonna tryin` to make ends meet yeah   Looking through a glass onion
 Am           F           Am         Am7
      oh yeah          oh yeah    oh yeah
 F7                            G7
 Looking through a glass onion
 I told you `bout the Fool on the Hill
 I tell you that he`s living there still
 Well here`s another place you can be
 Listen to me
 Fixing a hole in the ocean         Try-                        G  Adim7
 ing to make a dove tail joint     Looking through a glass onion
 Coda, repeat and fade (each "-" represents a beat)
 |Adim7 -  Abdim7 Gdim7 |F#dim7 - - - |- - Gdim7 G#dim7 |Adim7 - - - |
 Adim7 = xx1212, Abdim7 = xx3434,  Gdim7 = xx2323, F#dim7 = xx1212
 Gm7 = xx3333, F7 = xx1211

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Аккорд Am
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Аккорд Gm7
Аккорд C7
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Аккорд G
Аккорд Adim7
Аккорд Abdim7
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Аккорд G#dim7

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