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Beatles - I`m A Loser (crd), аккорды

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  • 30 нояб. 1999
       Am7            D7
 I`m a loser,   I`m a loser,
         Am7          F       D7
 And I`m not what I appear to be.
 G          Dm          F           G
 Of all the love I have won or have lost
              Dm            F          G
 There is one love I should never have crossed.
           Dm        F          G
 She was a girl in a million my friend,
               Dm              F          G
 I should have known she would win in the end.
      Am7 D7        Am7                D7 
 I`m a loser, and I lost someone who`s near to me
       G  Em          Am7          F       D7    
 I`m a loser, and I`m not what I appear to be.
 Although I laugh and I act like a clown
 Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown.
 My tears are falling like rain from the sky
 Is it for her or myself that I cry
 What have I done to deserve such a fate
 I realise I have left it too late.
 And so it`s true pride comes before a fall
 I`m telling you so that you don`t lose all.

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