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Bee Gees - Blue Island, аккорды

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  • 30 нояб. 1999
Date   : 15th November 2003
Song   : Blue Island
Artist : The Bee Gees
Album  : Size Isn't Everything
I am   : Mohamed Hassan ...19 years old ...Egyptian

This is my first trial to transcrib a song,It's an awesome song and -strange
enough- it's not found anywhere,so Here It is,It's an easy song...It's accurate
enough and sounds great on my Classic Guitar,but I've only been playing for like
4 monthes so What do I Know ? :) 

The song is in the G key.......The strumming is Down,Up,Down,Up ,Chords between
brackets are Transition Chords played quickly

Chords Used : 

G    : 320001
G/F# : 200001
Em   : 022000
C    : 032010
Fmaj7: x33210
A7   : 002020
D    : xx0232

Intro : G

G           G/F#       G      Em
Living in a world that dies within
You are they who try and touch the wind
You could be the blessed one that
Makes me love you
(A7) G                                     Em
      And doing what you've never done before
Taking every wave that hits the shore
               Fmaj7            C
You could be a silver star that shines
On my blue island
                Am   G
It's Gonna be a Blue Island
             Am   G
See you on a blue island
              Am   G
Take you to a blue island

Solo : (D) Am G

Bridge :

Am   G
Blue Island

(A7)  D
      You can see the rain

You can feel the pain
That no part of me is going through
(A7)  D
      Everybody say, we can find a way
Do you know the place you're going to
                  Am   G
You're going to a blue island

G                G/F#    G          Em
This is what the lonely heart must know
This is what it takes to make it grow
You could be a child alone
But you may save the world
G                              Em
Maybe it's the words that mean goodbye
There but for the grace of God go I
             Fmaj7          C                 Am
I can see an open door that leads to my blue island
           Am   G
Gonna be a blue island
           Am     G
See you on a blue island
           Am      G
Take you to a blue island

Solo : (D) Am G

Am   G
Blue island
Blue island
Blue island 

That Would be all...hope someone out there likes it..it took me about 45 minutes
to figure out,my email is : metia_kickass@hotmail.com,so if anyone wants to
chat,request something,you'll find me on MSN....Keep Those Guitars Rockin'

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