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Enrique Iglesias - Love To See You Cry, аккорды

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  • 30 нояб. 1999
Intro: Bbm

Verse Chords
Maybe I just,  want to touch You
Feel You warm in - side again
Maybe I just,  want to hurt You
The sweetest pleas - ure is pain

I don't know why - -   why - -
      Bbm                Fm                                          
But I love to see You cry
             Ebm       Ebm
I don't know why - -   why - -
       Fm                    Fm       
I just makes me feel a - live

Link: Fm Bbm Fm [x2]

Verse Chords
Are you coming?  to the moment
When you know your heart can break?
I'm inside You  I'm around You
  N/C . . .           N/C . . .
I just wanna hear you cry a -gain  (to chorus)

Chorus Chords x2

Bbsus4             Bb             
You don't know how much this hurts 
         Bbmaj7             Bb7 
When you fall a - sleep  in my arms
    Bbsus4                  Bb
And if this dies before the morning comes
        Bb7              F7
I wanna runaway, I wanna runaway

Link, then Chorus chords till end

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Аккорд Bbsus4
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Аккорд Bb7
Аккорд F7

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