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Europe - Scream Of Anger, аккорды

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  • 04 сент. 2015
Intro: A Em Bm F#m A Em Bm F#m A Em Bm

F#m A Em Bm
I wont live to see tomorrow...
F#m A Em Bm
There wont be another breath...
F#m A Em Bm
None of them will ever sorrow...
F#m Em Am A Em Bm
Those who senceted me to death
F#m A Em Bm
Ive been waiting here for ages...
F#m A Em Bm
For the hangman to appear...
F#m A Em Bm
Soon the priest will read some pages...
F#m Em Am
From the bible for my fear

F#m D
I see a place,an evil place
A E F#m
Comin my way
What can i do,where can i run
Im gonna die anyway.
E F#m
Seems like things are getting clearer
E E F#m A Am Bm Dm D
This is the price i have to pay

I feel like screaming out my anger
Theres so much left here to Do
When it happened i was younger
And my destiny was you
I see a place an evil place...

Dm C# Bm Bm Am F#m Dm C# Bm F#m
What can i do,about leaving you,we were only halfway trough
What can i say,there was no other way,they wouldnt let me stay


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