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Helloween - Your Turn, аккорды

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  • 30 нояб. 1999
(music and lyrics by Michael Kiske)

Verse 1: (acoustic guitar)

 D                        A
Now there is this day, a lot of things are changing
 F                        G
Can´t just kick it away, got to get things right
     F                         D
Sometimes it happens fast and nothing seems to last
      G                              A
The thing that I once started isn´t mine anymore
I guess now it´s my turn

Verse 2 :

You´ve got a face like a child, got a mind like a woman
Your smile is warm and tender
I hear the people say that I should stay away
From you and all the problems you might bring
They´ll never know

Bridge 1 : (with distorted guitar)

Nobody ever knows what to do,
They´ll never see you cry
They´ll never know why

Chorus : (with distortion)

          F    G    C   D     G
Now it´s your turn to break free
F                G                  C
When you want it all you´ve got to see
          F    G    C   D     G
Now it´s your turn to break free
                   F                  G           C
When you want the life you´ve got to see what it means

Verse 3 :

See the little boy holding mama´s hand
His eyes can see the things we´ve long forgotten
The world is easy now - and somehow
He´s right until there is this day when Mickey Mouse must go away


Bridge 2 :

This world is crying to be free
This world is dying can´t you see
 F                         G
We need you turn to do it right
We need a mind-revolution
To get away from this selfishness
               F             G
Stop playing blind - break free


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