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Песни из компьютерных игр - 01 Legion from Dinner with an Owl, аккорды

Em           G
Voices in my head 
They scream in the name 
of a long forgotten past

They're threatening me
       Dsus4            D
This shell is built to last 

 Em                    G
Hear me out this ain't over soon
    Dsus4               D
Day in and day out we feast at noon
     Em                   G
The final contract might get you out
Go figure what it's about 
   Em                      G        G
If I can't leave then you can't too

   Am7               D             Em
No man, no women, no innocent daughter 
They'll have to see this through
It may have started out 
                      Em  G  D  D
with the sip of the water

  Em           G  
Another day, another night
 Dsus4         D
Another sip, another bite
Em                G
I can't feel the many feet
         Dsus4           D   
Marching out as I'm complete

      Em                  G
It's getting worse, the feeling inside 
       Dsus4             D
Got nowhere to run, no place to hide 
    Em              G       
And I can feel the many feet 
          D                   Em
Marching out as I'm complete

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Capo on 3

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Видео Песни из компьютерных игр 01 Legion from Dinner with an Owl

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