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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul To Squeeze, аккорды

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  • 19 фев. 2015
F   C       Dm Bb F 
I've got a bad desease 
     C       Dm  Bb
Up from my brain is where i bleed
Insanity it seems 
Is got me by my soul to squeeze
Well all the love from me 
With all the dying trees i scream
The angels in my dreams 
Have turn to demons of greed thats me
     F        C
     Where I Go i just dont know
     Dm               Bb
     Ive got to got to gotta take it slow
     When I find my peace of mind
     Im gonna give you some of my good time

F      C       Dm Bb F    
Today love smiled on me 
 C     Dm     Bb
It took away my pain say please
Oh let your ride be free 
You've got to let it be oh yeah


Your so polite indeed     
Well i got everything i need
Oh make my days a breeze   
And take away my self destruction

F                C
Its bitter baby and its very sweet
  Dm                 Bb
Im on a roller coaster but im on my feet
Take me to the river let me on your shore
Ill be coming back baby Ill be coming back for more
F               C
Doo doo doo doo dingle zing a dong bone,
Dm                 Bb
a-di ba-da ba-zumba crunga cone gone bad,
like an apple fritter but i went out 
and never said my pleasures
I'm much better but I won't regret it never


2nd chorus:
       F        C
       Where i Go i just dont know
       Dm                  Bb
       I might end up somewhere in Mexico
       When i found my peace of mind     F
       Im gonna keep it for the end of time

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